Independent Film “Signed Sealed and Delivered”

Fredick Alanzo is the independent film maker and producer of “Signed Sealed and Delivered”. Fred resides in Houston, Texas with his wife and kids but he is a native of Forth- Worth, Texas. Houston had the opportunity of seeing Fred’s first movie premiere of “Signed Sealed and Delivered“at Willowbrook AMC Theatre in late October. Fred and his cast plans on stopping by his hometown, Forth- Worth, Texas, Nov.15 at AMC Parks Mall and Atlanta, Georgia in 2015 .You may think Fred is an overnight writer ,producer and film maker but he has been in the film industry for 12 consecutive years. “Signed Sealed and Delivered” was a play that eventually led into a film.
Fred expects the film to move individuals by the word of God and allow them to be filled with Joy , excitement and a lot of laughter . Fred expects the audience to gain something from the film to take into their daily life . Fred puts God first in his daily life which allows him to have balance as a business man and as a family man. Fred had the opportunity of sharing with me his aspirations to continue more film productions in the future and maybe some children films . So watch out, this is just the beginning , the best is yet to come.

Family of Fred Alanzo



Jay Barnett former NFL football player and leading actor in ” Signed Sealed and Delivered” shares with me that this is his first leading role in his 10 years of experience as an actor. Jay didn’t expect to see such a large turnout at the AMC theatre of family , friends and Houstonians. Jay and Fred have been working with the each other for a number of years and they were overwhelmed with excitement of how far they have come in the film industry . They both were impressed to have their first movie premiere to be filmed in front of a sold out audience on a Saturday night . Jay states , “look at all these people”. Jay and Fred can both agree that viewers could be inspired by the Christian based film and be able to apply some Christian values in their daily life.

To be signed, sealed and delivered by the word of God is indescribable because the character reflects what it looks like to be moved by the Holy Spirit . The Christian based film is based on an ex- convict changing his life while he was incarcerated, he was “Signed Sealed and Delivered” by the word of God. The neighborhood was in disbelief of his relationship with Christ that eventually led him to save his marriage. I was able to see how Holy Spirit moved individuals after viewing the film because it moved me.

Here are a few pictures of some of the cast of “Signed Sealed and Delivered “ with family and friends.






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